YOICHI Limited Edition 2019

Japanese Single Malt – 48%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 1000 bottles

A blend of Yoichis distilled in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s matured in new American oak and ex-sherry casks, this bottling wonderfully embodies the rigorous yet extroverted style of this unique single malt. With a very pure expression and unheard of richness, it invites us to explore the many paths that traverse a palette of flavours and aromas in which every note arrives at just the right moment. Very inspiring, it tirelessly extends the boundaries of the tasting to evermore faraway horizons.

Colour: topaz with copper tinges.


refined, distinguished. On the initial nose, a lemony, ethereal peat literally escapes from the glass. Mustard seed, candied lemon, bourbon vanilla and a lovely red-fruit rancio (strawberry, raspberry) brings lots of elegance to the aromatic palette. Yoichi’s firm yet unctuous style radiates beauty. Allowed to breathe, notes of soot, coal and ash appear in perfect harmony alongside acacia honey, juicy fruits (pear, apple) and salted butter caramel. Iris butter and tuberose aromas add an increasingly heady dimension.

clean, full of energy. Intimately linked to the aromatic palette, the attack pours blocks of half-dry, half-wet peat onto the palate. Resolutely saline and herbaceous (samphire, seaweed), it is at the same time deliciously chocolatey and exotic (banana). The very stately mid-palate gains height and invites us to admire a coastal landscape where powerful waves crash against the rocks. This very suggestive sequence of flavours continues into notes of sea spray, black pepper and marmalade. Magnificent.

long, remarkably harmonious. Lime, coriander and juniper berry gently flood the start of the finish. The balance of peat and malt is breath-taking. Once again, Yoichi’s style is beautifully showcased. Next, with sophistication, smoke rings and soot evoke a chimney hearth. The retro-nasal olfaction initially highlights flavours of spice bread and candied fruit loaf, before becoming extremely peaty and earthy. The empty glass reveals intense smoke and musk aromas.