WORTHY PARK Single Estate WPE 2017

Traditional Rum – 67%, 70cl
Single Cask – Bourbon Barrel
Limited Edition of 250 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Worthy Park is one of Jamaica’s oldest distillery. It was mothballed in 1950 due to what was deemed to be an excess of rum production in Jamaica at the time. Having re-opened in 2005, it produces light rums (60-119 esters), medium rums (120-239 esters) and heavy rums with an ester content of up to 360, and even higher for certain versions. Marked “WPE”, this 2017 version has an ester content of over 800 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. With an impudence befitting its young age, it is nonetheless with the experience of an old hand that it immediately asserts a thundering personality which becomes vastly more serene as the tasting goes on.

Colour: straw yellow.


rich and voluptuous. On the first nose, like lava flowing across the sides of a volcano, warm cane sugar gushes through the aromatic palette. It then takes on floral (white lilac, lily of the valley), fruity (lime, pear), milky (coconut) and vanilla tones. Allowed to breathe, it reveals an original expression of jasmine tea. Gradually, a film of medicinal plants (benzoin, Calendula, elderberry, lemon balm) coats the taste buds.

powerful, lively. Wavering between verbena, vanilla, candied lemon and a hint of gum arabica, the attack creates a solid block of flavours. The broad-shouldered mid-palate gradually becomes increasingly oily (olive, caster oil) and resinous (pine, rosemary). The end of the palate wonderfully showcases a mellow, fruity (raspberry) and aromatic (orange blossom) spirit.

long, generous. The intensely vanilla (flan) start of the finish is also mentholated, medicinal (marshmallow, St John’s wort) and vegetal (artichoke heart). With time, violet aromas fill the air. The vegetal (coriander, lucerne) retro-nasal olfaction also reveals succulent notes of pistachio and fleur de sel. The camphoric and honeyed empty glass is the perfect springboard for discovering the world of mezcal (agave, earth, peat).

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