SAVANNA 1999 Villa Paradisetto

Traditional Rum – 57%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 510 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Like the mannerist architecture of Villa Paradisetto after which it is named, this magnificent version selected by Luca Gargano is quite simply timeless and presented under a label produced by the Singapore artist Warren Khong. Aged for 20 years in the tropical climate of Réunion Island, it wonderfully symbolize the smooth yet powerful style of the rum produced by the Savanna distillery, which has been located in Saint-André, at the Bois Rouge sugar factory since 1992. Very rich in esters, it is adorned with dark areas designed to further highlight its bright and generous character.

Colour: orangey copper with glints of gold.


both refined and powerful. On the first nose, notes of benzoin, orange zest and dark chocolate appear alongside cane sugar. Very elegant, it then becomes floral (old rose, hyacinth) and exotic (persimmon, guava). Gradually, black pepper showers the aromatic palette, bringing lots of tone. Behind it, bourbon vanilla and cinnamon appear alongside beeswax and salted butter caramel. More suggestive than demonstrative, the nose takes its time to reveal all of its secrets.

distinguished, well-balanced. Delicious cane sugar, and rose and geranium honey bring lots of charm to the incredibly delicate attack. On the mid-palate, spice bread and milk chocolate create a rich and unctuous transition. Gradually, gentian root and orange blossom flavours cover the taste buds in a bitter and particularly invigorating tangy film. At the end of the palate, exotic fruits literally invade, notably bringing mango and passion fruit. Spectacular!

svelte, stately. Unendingly fresh and natural, the start of the finish is characterized by freshly harvested citrus fruit (mandarine, clementine). Tonka bean, liquorice stick, turmeric, camphor, star anise and white pepper then play leading roles in an evolution towards a more spicy and hot register. On the retro- nasal olfaction, sugar cane rises to the surface of the flavour palette. The empty glass wavers between citrus fruit (orange, kumquat), musk and artichoke heart.

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