NEW YARMOUTH 13 YO 2005 The Wild Parrot

Traditional Rum – 66.6%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 242 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Housed in the Clarendon parish, the New Yarmouth distillery is notably known for producing the most popular rum in Jamaica, Wray & Nephew overproof. Distilled in June 2005, this ester-rich version was aged in a continental climate before being bottled in January 2019. Particularly extroverted, it immediately lays its cards
on the table. And, it has to be said, it has many appealing flavours and aromas sure to win over even the most demanding of tasters. These include a very delicate minerality, a very pure expression, lots of depth of field and an unwavering youthful spirit.

Colour: golden yellow.


fresh and heady. The particularly expressive first nose is exotic (banana, roasted pineapple), syrupy (cane sugar), mineral (chalk) and heady (lily, gardenia). Very refined once allowed to breathe, it then becomes more vegetal and fibrous (sugar cane, reed). Its medicinal and terpenic character gradually sets in (mustard seed, manganese). At the same time, fresh fruit (apple, pear) highlights the juicy character of the aromatic palette.

taut, dynamic. With confidence, the attack reveals a very hot personality. It draws on a remarkably pure distillate to gradually sketch out very rich notes of vanilla, flambéed banana and rum baba. The mid-palate takes us to the heart of a geranium field to breathe in the enveloping sweet perfumes.

long, hectic. A melting pot of white fruits (pear), exotic fruits (coconut), heady florals (gillyflower, tuberose), noble spices (nutmeg, cinnamon) and essential oils (rosemary, savory), the finish develops chocolatey and vegetal (artichoke heart) notes. On the retro-nasal olfaction, with lots of originality gooseberry and damson plum slip into the heart of the flavour palette. The empty glass reveals a flood of still-warm cane sugar, as well us gum arabica fragrances and heady florals.

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