NEISSON Le Chai 2015

Rhum Agricole – 45%, 70cl
Single Cask – Bourbon Barrel
Limited Edition of 392 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Since 1932, three generations have succeeded one another at the head of the Neisson distillery, all with the same motto: “Respect for the terroir, for the raw ingredients and for ancestral techniques.” Distilled in a magnificent 20-metre high Savalle column still, the rhums agricoles are then gradually diluted during ageing. An exceptionally complex nose, a palate dedicated to sugar cane and a very rich finish set the rhythm for tastings of this young bottling with an innate ability to move with rare ease from classicism to modernity.

Colour: deep golden yellow.


refined, complex. Characterized by cane sugar, cinnamon and clove, the first nose quickly develops more vegetal notes (sugar cane, straw). Allowed to breathe, it becomes perceptibly exotic (pineapple, mango, passion fruit). Note that the aromatic palette has a very confident personality. Incense, chilli (cayenne) and heady florals (geranium, gardenia) embody this impressive increase in power.

lively, distinguished. The very dynamic attack is also exquisitely smooth. Still warm, mouth-watering cane sugar spreads across the taste buds. Like the nose, the mid-palate takes on very beautiful exotic tones. The remarkably balanced end of the palate is delicately liquoricey and above all tropical (guava tree, bougainvillea). Suddenly and unexpectedly, strawberry appears, much to the taster’s delight.

long, generous. Vanilla pod, fresh walnut and powdered spices (turmeric, saffron) bring lots of nobility to the start of the finish. This very evocative beginning brings to mind a sugar cane field during harvest. Divinely sweet fragrances float through the air. The sunny and slightly rugged retro-nasal olfaction refreshes the palate, inviting us to savour a rum and raisin ice cream. The empty glass is roasted (coffee), grainy (rice), milky (coconut) and fibrous (sugar cane).

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