NEISSON Le Chai 2015 Brut de fût

Rhum Agricole – 54.7%, 70cl
Single Cask – Bourbon Barrel
Limited Edition of 392 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

After developing his own yeasts, Grégory Vernant-Neisson converted two 45 ha plots on the estate to organic farming. He also re-planted an ancient variety of sugar cane known as ‘vanilla’. Finally, to avoid harmful oxidation, once the canes are cut they are crushed the very same day and the pure juice sent for fermentation over 48 hours. A true ode to sugar cane, this cask strength version has incredible powers of seduction, instantly inspiring the taster to take a voyage to the tropics. With incredible richness, and yet an accessibility worthy of the greatest rums, it invites us to rummage at will through drawers of flavours and aromas overflowing with the treasures that have sculpted its extraordinary personality.

Colour: deep golden yellow.


rich, concentrated. With incredible exoticism (guava, persimmon), the first nose is also honeyed (acacia, lime blossom). Allowed to breathe, eucalyptus and beeswax bring out the preciously woody dimension. Continuing on perfectly, clove, mustard seed and camphor add an invigorating medicinal touch. Gradually, with huge style, fruit takes over, revealing Mirabelle plum, peach, passion fruit, gooseberry, damson plum and almond. A few heady florals (lily, French marigold) perfume the air.

clear, resolute. The delicately tannic attack slightly contracts the palate. This is exactly when the sugar cane decides to make its move. It reveals beautiful vegetal and fibrous notes and pours very aromatic sugar over the palate. With lots of texture, the mid-palate invites us to chew on liquorice sticks while breathing in the aromas of a Havana cigar. The end of the palate is mentholated, inspired (incense) and oily (sunflower).

long, creamy. The biscuity start to the finish overflows with vanilla pod and cocoa bean. Generous, it serves a prune flan on a platter of cut herbs. This tertiary evolution marks an important turning point in the tasting. The retro-nasal olfaction is a vegetable patch of its own. We find courgette, green cabbage, lettuce and even marine plants (samphire). The empty glass is balsamic (thuja), mentholated, powdery (cinnamon, crushed walnut) and exotic (banana).

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