MONYMUSK 9 YO 2010 MBS National Rums of Jamaica Ltd

Traditional Rum – 62%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 4660 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

At Monymusk-Clarendon, fermentation can last as long as a month. The “heavy” rums produced here stand out for their impressive ester content, reaching up to 1,500 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. With an ester content of under 60 g/HAP, this version invites us to discover a particularly well-balanced rum in which the wood is perfectly incorporated into the other ingredients of the flavour and aroma palette. For us, it is beautifully classic: praise worthy of only the finest spirits.

Colour: topaz with orangey copper hues.


refined, distinguished. The particularly fruity (apricot), creamy (almond, coconut) and vanilla first nose quickly becomes increasingly exotic (mango, persimmon, guava). Allowed to breathe, it releases beautiful woody notes (beeswax, oak stave, praline). A few heady florals (broom, mimosa, carnation) and spices (ginger, cumin, pink peppercorn) wonderfully punctuate the stripped back classicism of the aromatic palette.

lively, assertive. The attack is medicinal (camphor, ointment) at first. Then, copying the nose, it develops delicious exotic flavours (mango, persimmon, guava). On the mid-palate, spices converge, with star anise, cardamom, curry, cumin and nutmeg. They bring in their wake candied fruits, nuts (date, almond, walnut, apricot, quince, raisin) and citrus fruits (orange, lime). The end of the palate is very herbaceous (chervil, wicker, lovage).

long, balanced. Completely unexpectedly but with perfect timing, fresh fruits (pear, pippin apple) arrive to bring lots of juiciness to the start of the finish. Some will also be able to pick out red and black fruits (raspberry, strawberry, bramble, blackcurrant). This wonderfully refreshing sequence settles in for the duration. With their velvety and powdered notes (cocoa, ginger), the retro-nasal olfaction and the empty glass act in unison to clearly evoke an American rye whiskey.

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