MMW WEDDERBURN 11 YO 2008 Continental Aging

Traditional Rum – 63.9%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 2705 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Produced from a blend of 2 casks distilled in 2008 and 10 casks distilled in 2007, this version aged entirely in a continental climate in Europe has an ester content of 243.5 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. To really tame and get to grips with the strong personality of this Wedderburn Monymusk, it essential to give it time to open up. A vibrant example of this are the sublime notes of rubber and gum arabica which, much later, feed the dried extracts of the empty glass which show us the aromatic palette in a new light.

Colour: golden yellow with hints of green.


fresh and warm. Characterized by notes of frangipane, lime and candied pineapple, the first nose is also fibrous (sugar cane), mentholated and medicinal (tiger balm). Allowed to breathe, it becomes milky (coconut, almond), mineral (violet zan liquorice sweets) and roasted (coffee, tobacco). Oily (green olive), it continually becomes more creamy and delicate. At this point, a delicious note of courgette flower tempura surges to the surface of the aromatic palette.

firm, assertive. With its own take on the milky character of the nose (coconut, crème fraiche), the attack is a subtle mix of fruits and florals. Apple, pineapple, greengage plum, iris butter, begonia and old rose create a maelstrom of flavours that literally flip the taste buds. On the mid-palate, cane sugar and ginger are placed delicately on the tongue. The end of the palate is refreshed with white mint, lime and fennel.

long, generous. The original start of the finish develops a sweet pastry register (Normandy tart, raisin cake) and pronounced notes of hydrocarbon (fuel, asphalt). Staying close to the cane sugar, it is then filled with beautiful tangy notes (lemon tart, yellow grapefruit). A luscious sequence (lawn, lucerne) then precedes a retro-nasal olfaction characterized by bitter almond, date and dried fig. The empty glass is empyreumatic (solvent, polish) and at the same time remarkably fresh (cane juice).

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