MIYAGIKYO Limited Edition 2019

Japanese Single Malt – 48%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 1000 bottles

In addition to being one of the last two casks produced in 1969 (on 7 March), the year of the distillery’s creation, this sherry cask version is the result of blending various Miyagikyos from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. With huge complexity, in terms of both flavours and aromas, it shows us this single malt in an unusually peaty light. So much so that at times it bears a striking resemblance to Yoichi. Obstinately refusing to be hemmed into reductive stereotypes, it chooses an original pathway to better highlight its extraordinary personality and a youthful expression that defies the ravages of time.

Colour: mahogany copper.


rich, complex. The radiant and perfectly sketched initial nose has two sequences of aromas, one very citrusy (orange, mandarin) and fruity (apricot), the other peaty, oily, hot (Espelette) and medicinal (camphor). Allowed to breathe, exotic fruits (mango, passion fruit) take the reins, adding a lyrical dimension to the atmosphere. Notes of apple jelly, malted barley and heady florals (purple lilac) further accentuate the feeling of fullness emanating from the aromatic palette.

lively, nuanced. Just as remarkably constructed, the attack is peaty, vegetal and then fruity (mango, orange, passion fruit, quince). Unlike the first nose, however, notes of earth, root (ginseng, ginger) and malted barley gradually gain the upper hand. On the mid-palate, sweet Havana cigar flavours, dandelion and straw make for a very original palette of flavours. At this point, spices (pink peppercorn, nutmeg, star anise), chilli (cayenne) and camphor indelibly coat the taste buds.

long, silky. At the start of the finish, cinnamon peel, beeswax, citrus fruit zest (lemon, orange) and elderberry appear alongside iris butter and lavender honey. The very end of the palate is at once rich (toffee), roasted (pipe tobacco) and spicy (curry, cardamom, cumin). On the retro-nasal olfaction, notes of green tea and flowering geranium leave their divinely fragrant signature. The autumnal empty glass takes us through undergrowth (moss, lichen, ivy, mushroom).

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