MILK & HONEY Peated Cask Finish

Israel, Single Malt – 55%, 70cl
Single Cask #2016-0042 – Ex-Islay Cask Finish
Limited Edition of 100 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

The Milk & Honey distillery began production in March 2015. In addition to its single malt, it also produces a gin called Levantine produced entirely from malted barley, which is macerated with juniper berry, oregano, lemon and orange peel, chamomile, lemon verbena, cinnamon and black pepper. After being aged for three years in a first fill bourbon cask, this version was then finished for three months in an ex-Islay whisky cask. A true land of contrasts, in terms of both flavours and aromas, it constantly wavers between power and mellowness. To better highlight this original duality throughout the tasting, its guiding themes are two elements key to its balance: peat and smoke.

Colour: deep burnished gold.


rich, concentrated. At once characterized by beeswax, candied fruit (pear, Mirabelle plum), camphor and intense smoke, the first nose boasts impressive power and firmness. Allowed to breathe, it becomes animal (smoked meat), floral (tuberose, iris butter), rooty (gentian) and spicy (ginger). Then, very appropriately and with lots of originality, various honeys (lime blossom, heather, pine, lavender) dominate the palette of aromas. Note that these fragrances form an incredibly united front.

strong-willed, full-bodied. On the attack, notes of talc and pommade (tiger balm) appear alongside fresh fig and iodine tincture. The mid-palate invites us to contemplate dried peat cut into thin strips. The flavour palette then becomes extremely saline and vegetal (twig, lichen). Fruit and florals gradually appear. These include dried banana, date, violet and dandelion. The very mineral (slate) end of the palate is also earthy and salty (dried seaweed).

long, generous. Moving from candied citrus fruit to dried peat, via bourbon vanilla, the start of the finish shows unwavering strength and intensity. Gradually, zan liquorice sweets, violet and an oily and chocolatey peat envelop the taste buds. The retro- nasal olfaction is then vegetal (cut hay, straw), saline (mineral salts) and smoky (tobacco, chimney smoke). The empty glass is a melting pot of heady florals, vanilla, camphor, ash and citrus fruit (lemon).

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