LEDAIG 2007 Over 10 Years

Highland Single Malt – 60.8%, 70cl
Single Cask #700545 – Refill Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 634 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

After being mothballed in 1975 due to bankruptcy, and a short period of production between 1979 and 1982, the distillery finally reopened in 1989 under the name Tobermory. During this period of inactivity, the warehouse was used to store cheese. With a phenol level of 30-40 ppm, peated bottlings of this single malt are released under the name Ledaig. This very representative version is especially mineral and medicinal and has managed to take the sweetness needed for balance from its sherry cask ageing. A multi-dimensional peat hums a harmonious melody in which every note creates a crescendo in a particularly expressive palette of aromas and flavours.

Colour: vibrant gold.


rich, warm. On the initial nose, notes of toast appear alongside a rooty, herbaceous peat. This introduction is forged in hardened steel. At the same time, candied lemon, green liquorice, sleet and nutmeg add the finishing touches to this olfactory image depicting an extroverted personality. Notes of flint clearly bring to mind a great Riesling wine from Alsace.

clear, resolute. Going back over the entire aromatic palette, the attack is medicinal (aspirin, cough sweets). Also milky (coconut, almond), it is very smooth and well-balanced. The mid- palate flutters between the seaside and neighbouring pastures. Herbaceous and fermentary, it lingers with notes of straw and grist. The flavour palette creates a sensation of intense pleasure.

long, well-balanced. In harmony with the end of the palate, the start of the finish evokes a delicious porridge. Fresh mint and verbena then guide the tasting towards more herbaceous tones. Like a Pointilist painter using small brush strokes, the peat leaves its mark on the end of the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, zan liquorice sweets, acacia honey and dill arrive in a grand finale. The limpid empty glass returns to its roots, to a spirit with an extraordinary strength of character that is generous and fruity (Golden Delicious).

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