Taiwanese Single Malt – 58.6%, 70cl
Single Cask #O111125058A – Port Cask
Limited Edition of 210 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

The first drops of new-make spirit left Kavalan’s stills on 11 March 2006. Right from the start, to succeed in their ambitious projects, owners Mr Tien-Tsai Lee and his son Yu-Ting Lee called on the help of one of the greatest whisky experts in the world, Jim Swan. In just a decade, Kavalan has become one of the largest distilleries in the world. Aged in a port cask, this bottling constantly wavers between freshness and maturity. With exceptional length, this duality reaches its climax far later, in an exceptionally rich retro- nasal olfaction in which red fruits and chocolate come together in perfect harmony.

Colour: coppery mahogany with greenish hues.


rich, concentrated. On the initial nose, on the surface aromatic palette, whole bunches of black grapes wait impatiently to be pressed. Rum is then clearly evoked. Next, bitter orange and ripe apricot appear alongside sublime fragrances of rose and purple lilac. Gradually, quince jelly slips into every crack of the now vacant aromatic palette.

lively, slender. Precious wood and beeswax bring lots of nobility to the start of the palate. The exotic (passion fruit, persimmon) mid-palate is also spicy (cardamom, cinnamon) and liquoricey. Melon suddenly enters the scene. It floods the palate with its fresh and sugary juice. After this delicious interlude, cocoa powder and salted butter caramel make a huge contribution to the smooth character found at the end of the palate.

long, silky. At the start of the finish, sweet spices (cumin, cinnamon) logically take the reins and bring the tasting towards more colourful tones. Sweet chestnut and hazelnut fall onto a bed of dried leaves, setting the lyrical scene hinted at at the end of the palate. The retro-nasal olfaction refuses to be outdone, offering hot chocolate with a red fruit cake. The empty glass is characterized by notes of liquorice stick, corinthian raisins and leather.

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