Cognac Petite Champagne – 40.3%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 310 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

In 1995, Jean-Luc Pasquet and his wife decided to convert their estate in the Grande and Petite Champagne terroirs to organic production. They were awarded Agriculture Biologique certification in 1998. Most of their cognacs are produced from the Ugni Blanc grape variety. A few years ago, however, they re-established Folle Blanche, the leading grape variety before the phylloxera crisis of the late 19th century. In order to create a true “terroir” wine for distillation, what is known as “indigenous” fermentation is carried out with yeast from the harvested grapes. Deeply rooted in its limestone terroir, this venerable version has, through its minerality, maintained an impressively natural and fresh youthful expression.

Colour: orangey copper with glints of green.


ethereal, complex. The exceptional first nose is superbly oxidative (brandied cherry, mustard seed, candied lemon). Allowed to breathe, it becomes medicinal (ointment), exotic (mango) and vanilla. Next, salted butter caramel appears alongside empyreumatic notes of soot, leather and slightly burnt apricot tart. A delicious rubber note even makes an appearance. Blood oranges then pour their tangy juice over dark chocolate.

rich, creamy. In total symbiosis with the aromatic palette, the attack is particularly fleshy (mango, apricot, grape). Full of energy (citrus fruit zest), it is then tarry and spicy (papier d’Arménie). At this point, it is like a delicious crème brûlée. Gradually, the smoke rings of a powerful Havana cigar float through the palette of flavours. The end of the palate accentuates this development towards a more tertiary register (plum, apricot stone).

long, enveloping. The delicate texture on the start of the finish is like the bloom of crunchy, ripe grapes. With an absolutely magnificent fruity rancio (apricot, Mirabelle plum, cherry), it lingers with beautiful notes of chestnut and sweet chestnut. On the retro-nasal olfaction, noble spices (saffron, cumin, cardamom) coat the palate in a very thin layer of powder. The empty glass reveals a huge number of spices (ginger, pink peppercorn), as well as orange and lime blossom fragrances.

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