Cognac Grande Champagne – 43%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 297 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

The owner of the Pouyade Estate, Maison Jean Fillioux, produces cognacs renowned throughout the world, in particular for their very complex rancio. “Perched on high to reach the sky” reads the motto found on the coat of arms of this 25-hectare estate located in Juillac le Coq, in the heart of the famed Grande Champagne terroir. Wonderfully embodying the style of the cognacs produced by this family for five generations, this version boasts impressive power and robustness. With incredible elegance, its palette of flavours and aromas has, over the decades, enthusiastically resisted the ravages of time in order to better highlight its timeless character.

Colour: deep burnished gold with copper tinges.


powerful, rich. The first nose begins by revealing lots of spice (pepper, star anise, clove). Next, candied fruit (apricot, orange) and heady florals (mimosa, freesia) fill the air. The beautifully oxidative aromatic palette develops notes of stewed grape and brandied cherry. Gradually, blood orange and Russian leather bring even more complexity and depth.

full-bodied, fresh. On the attack, although blood orange is still present, dark chocolate has taken the place of Russian leather. Very fleshy, it invites us to bite into whole bunches of wonderfully juicy grapes. On the mid-palate, grated ginger and candied lemon create an inflexible and invigorating backbone for flavours of plum, toasted walnut and wild peach. The end of the palate is honeyed (heather, lime blossom), nobly woody (beeswax) and heady (sandalwood).

rich, concentrated. The eminently fruity (corinthian raisin, fresh fig) start of the finish is also empyreumatic (cedar, pine). Cocoa powder then gradually covers everything, giving the end of the palate a particularly refined texture. As a signature mark, the retro-nasal olfaction adds strawberry, raspberry, mango and persimmon to the basket of fruits found on the finish. The empty glass is mentholated, spicy (nutmeg), roasted (coffee) and delicately woody.

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