HAMPDEN Great House Distillery Edition

Traditional Rum – 59%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 3066 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Located in Trelawny, in the Queen of Spain’s Valley, the Hampden estate spans over 5,000 hectares. Since 2009, it has been owned by the Hussey family, who are responsible for its renovation. Very traditional, it is one of very few distilleries in the world to continue to use the residue from distillation remaining in the bottom of the stills (dunder) during fermentation in order to produce an ester- rich rum. Bearing the name of the family residence built in 1753, Great House wonderfully embodies Hampden’s exuberant and eminently Jamaican style. It is also embellished with sequences whose complexity and depth wonderfully highlight the stripped back classicism of a flavour and aroma palette that goes far beyond its island frontiers.

Colour: deep burnished gold.


refined, distinguished. With remarkable elegance, the first nose is exotic (passion fruit, kiwi, pineapple), medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice), floral (geranium, reseda), honeyed (acacia, lime blossom), roasted (tobacco, coffee) and lemony. Allowed to breathe, cane sugar flows uninterrupted across the entire aromatic palette. Gradually, coconut milk and vanilla bring lots of sweetness and creaminess.

lively, sharp. The very stately and bright attack reveals sweet pastry notes (Normandy tart, sugary brioche). On the mid-palate, lime blossom honey, apricot jam, rose and heliotrope further raise the level of the tasting. The sunny end of the palate is characterized by notes of sugar cane, straw and aromatic plants (chervil, wicker, parsley).

long, concentrated. Adding flavours of vanilla flan and crème brûlée, the start of the finish is a real sweet treat. Next, dried bananas and cocoa beans coat the taste buds in their velvety and powdery tannins. Extremely rich, the very end of the palate is medicinal (camphor, iodine tincture) and deliciously sweet and savoury. On the retro-nasal olfaction, clove, nutmeg and iris butter accentuate the finish’s heady character. The empty glass reveals notes of pipe tobacco, artichoke heart and noble spices (saffron, turmeric).

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