FRANÇOIS VOYER Aged 13 years

Cognac Grande Champagne – 43%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 311 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Located in Verrières, in the heart of the rolling limestone terroirs of Grande Champagne, a Cognac Premier Cru, François Voyer was bought in June 2018 by Pierre Vaudon, who had been the vineyard’s cellar master for 18 years. Vaudon also owns a family estate in the Fins Bois terroir in Echallat which dates back to 1830. Produced from a blend of cognacs, including one distilled in 1976, this version constantly wavers between youthful expression and accomplished maturity. Much later, the succulent notes of tarte tatin and roasted apples that flood the palate highlight the extremely indulgent nature of the flavour palette.

Colour: copper with glints of burnished gold.


full-bodied, rich. The very exotic (mango, passion fruit) first nose is also covered in a fine layer of beeswax, candied apricot and cinnamon. Allowed to breathe, it develops autumnal notes of nuts (walnut, chestnut) and strong spices (ginger, clove). In the background, we catch a glimpse of beautiful ripe grape and raisin aromas. Altogether it shows huge depth.

well-balanced, complex. The superbly syrupy (roasted pineapple, quince), honeyed (lime blossom) and herbaceous (wicker, bay leaf, lucerne) attack reveals a resplendent freshness. On the mid-palate, the same exotic fruits from the nose arrive in force. Gradually, peach, Mirabelle plum and apple join this fruity symphony. The end of the palate is preciously woody and spicy (oak, pepper).

long, silky. At the start of the finish, notes of pipe tobacco, pink peppercorn and coriander rival each other in intensity. Little by little, liquorice stick and zan liquorice sweets mouth-wateringly flood the taste buds. On the retro-nasal olfaction, emery cloth and Russian leather come together wonderfully to bring the mouthfeel a heady and creamy dimension. The empty glass reveals aromas of earth dampened by a summer storm and vine flower.

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