EMB PLUMMER 14 YO 2005 Tropical Aging

Traditional Rum – 69.7%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 3890 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Aged entirely in a tropical climate in Jamaica, this version is a blend of 10 casks distilled in 2006, 2 casks distilled in 2004 and 4 casks distilled in 2002. With an ester content of 324.5 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol, it is part of the Plummer (EMB) category of rums produced by the distillery. This Monymusk immediately sets the tone. The tasting is then an uninterrupted suite of captivatingly complex sequences of flavours and aromas that are extroverted and above all deliciously generous. And then, for a few moments, time stands still.

Colour: topaz with light coppery glints.


full-bodied, deep. Characterized by notes of apricot and mango, the first nose is also varnished and medicinal (mustard, camphor). The very open and divinely oxidative aromatic palette becomes increasingly rich once allowed to breathe, with rice pudding cake, rum baba and very ripe banana. Gradually, beeswax and heady florals (geranium, gillyflower) bring lots of luxuriance to a décor bathed in sunlight.

powerful, lively. The very powdery attack (cocoa, grated ginger) highlights a wood whose nobility takes on magnificent autumnal (porcini, lichen) and herbaceous (dried leaves, pipe tobacco) tones. The very thick and dense mid-palate is nourished by polish, wood filler and mastic flavours. With lots of bite, the end of the palate is pulpy (apricot flesh) and candied (orange).

long, complex. At the start of the finish, exotic fruits (mango, persimmon, guava) are covered in various honeys (lime blossom, heather). Next, stone fruits (chestnut, sweet chestnut) Liège coffee and candied ginger accentuate the sensation of richness and exuberance emanating from the flavour palette. Sublime flavours of heady florals (violet, reseda), cinnamon and chocolate then bring lots of splendour to the retro-nasal olfaction. Much later, in the empty glass, dried extracts reveal incense and carob aromas.

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