EDRADOUR 2009 Aged 10 years

Highland Single Malt – 56.2%, 70cl
Single Cask #79 – First Fill Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 648 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

In February 2019, Andrew Symington began a full renovation of the ancient Edradour distillery. A new washback was opened, and a new Morton refrigerator which cools the wort (must) in open air, a brand new 4,200-litre wash still and a 2,200-litre spirit still – all exact copies of their predecessors – once again took their place at the distillery and began producing malt on 5 August 2019. With lots of originality and freshness, this bottling invites us to conquer a palette of flavours and aromas in which malted barley and sherry battle it out with the single goal of demonstrating their incredible symbiosis. Spectacular!

Colour: orangey copper.


full-bodied, round. The magnificently herbaceous (mint, chervil) and roasted (tobacco, coffee) first nose quickly becomes hot (Espelette pepper, paprika), slightly tarry (zan liquorice sweets) and honeyed (pine). Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly rich (chocolate éclair, tarte tatin). Next, dried fruits (date, fig, walnut) gradually appear alongside notes of precious wood (polish, wax) and leather.

precise, full of energy. The attack clearly evokes a raspberry brandy, showcasing the quality of an unctuous, almost creamy, distillate. On the mid-palate, this youthful interlude gradually makes way for a very confident maturity. Nectarine, toasted walnut, dark chocolate and liquorice pay testament to this very charming transformation.

long, generous. The very Andalusian start of the finish is both unctuous and salty. Its sweetness evokes a Pedro Ximenez wine. At the same time, florals (carnation, lily, iris) add a heady dimension. Peanut and toast notes underscore the rich character of the flavour palette. As a final signature, the retro-nasal olfaction and empty glass pay a vibrant tribute to malted barley.