DAILUAINE 35 YO 1983 Director’s Special

Speyside Single Malt – 52.6%, 70cl
Single Cask #4312 – Hogshead
Limited Edition of 90 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

In 1889, Dailuaine was the first distillery in Scotland to be equipped with a kiln with a pagoda roof, designed to ensure better ventilation of the smoke when drying the malted barley. In 2015, to compensate the temporary closure of Clynelish, fermentation times were extended (80-107 hours) in order to produce a more unctuous distilled, characterized by waxy notes, that is highly prized by master blenders. Staying very close to malted barley, this venerable bottling enthusiastically resists the ravages of time. With an incredibly fresh expression, it has kept its youthful memories safe, proudly reproducing them in the tasting.

Colour: vibrant gold.


lively yet unctuous. On the first nose, notes of green almond, malted barley and green liquorice give the very fresh aromatic palette lots of tone. Allowed to breathe, citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit), vanilla and aromatic plants (savory, tarragon) help develop more acidic and heady registers. Then, gradually and consistently, spices (cinnamon, cumin, clove) and coconut milk take centre stage.

clean, powerful. The delicately chocolatey (cocoa) attack is superbly vanilla and herbaceous (lucerne, cut hay). The very rich mid-palate is characterized by notes of pistachio and white mint ice cream. Increasingly aromatic, it moves gradually into aniseed. Chive and bay leaf create a spring-like conclusion to the end of the palate.

long, silky. At the start of the finish, malted barley acts as lady of the manor. Omnipresent, it takes on medicinal (benzoin, ointment), spicy (cardamom), herbal (green tea) and delicately earthy tones. Peat then immediate comes to mind. On the retro- nasal olfaction, freshly cut grass and verbena enthusiastically punctuate the tasting. Getting straight to the point, the empty glass is liquoricey/peaty, malty and vegetal (tobacco).

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