Highland Single Malt – 58%, 70cl
Single Cask #2158 – Refill Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 574 bottle
LMDW Exclusive

After a year of renovation and modernisation work, Clynelish re-began production in June 2017. And, much to the delight of enthusiasts throughout the world, 2020 will also see the reopening of the ancient, mythical distillery of Brora, which closed in 1983. For now, this new Clynelish stamped 20 Rue d’Anjou unmistakably echoes the magnificent 1995 single cask from our 2019 Creation Catalogue. Far less influenced by the sherry cask ageing and instead very smoky, peaty, waxy and marine, it indelibly writes a new chapter in a history already rich in remarkable bottlings. As the saying goes, “You can never have too much of a good thing…”

Colour: intense golden yellow.


elegant, distinguished. The very dense first nose is characterized by notes of candied lemon, puffed rice, coconut and camphor. After this particularly original introduction, the spicy and medicinal register gradually sets in. Black pepper, clove, star anise and incense bring lots of nobility to the aromatic palette. A radiant malted barley then comes to the forefront. It is very delicately smoky and above all honeyed (acacia, beeswax).

lively yet creamy. Perfectly embodying a single malt from the northern Highlands of Scotland, the attack is fruity (pear, pineapple), rustic (pasture, dandelion), salty, mineral (chalk), medicinal (ointment) and delicately roasted (coffee, mocha). With lots of freshness, the mid-palate is characterized by citrus (orange, clementine) and exotic fruit (passion fruit, kiwi, lichee). Increasingly saline, the end of the palate clearly evokes the seaside (shellfish, sea spray). With lots of spirit, it takes us to the top of a cliff to admire a foamy sea.

long, minimalist. A dry peat highlights the earthy and rooty (gentian) character of the start of the finish. Smoke rings then float across a sea-blue sky. Their refined bitterness evokes a herbaceous and spicy (grey pepper, star anise) Havana cigar. On the retro-nasal olfaction, white fruits (grape, Mirabelle plum, quince) flood the palate with their deliciously tangy juices. In unison with the nose and palate, the dried extracts found in the empty glass are malty, herbaceous (twig), mentholated and ashy.

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