BUNNAHABHAIN 4 YO 2014 Staoisha

Islay Single Malt – 61.3%, 70cl
Single Cask #10697 – Dechar/Rechar Hogshead
Limited Edition of 284 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

In 2004, a first 6-year-old peated Bunnahabhain baptised Moine was released for sale. Today, peated spirit represents 35% of the distillery’s annual production, and the phenol content has risen from 35 ppm to 45 ppm. Bearing the name of the nearby Staoisha Loch, some of the young bottlings also showcase the medicinal character of this single malt. This very typical Bunnahabhain was selected last April by the team at 20 Rue d’Anjoy during a trip to Scotland, more specifically to the Signatory Vintage warehouses in Pitlochry. A subtle mixture of youthful expression and accomplished maturity, the palette of flavours and aromas boasts an irresistible charm and boundless generosity.

Colour: pale gold.


full-bodied, deep. With resplendent maturity, the first nose reveals an oily, rich, gamy and medicinal (camphor) peat. Next, soot gradually fills an aromatic palette rich in notes of black olive, candied lemon, strong spice (clove, black pepper) and malted barley. Gradually, notes of hydrocarbon (diesel) and rubber, as well as smoke rings from a powerful Havana cigar confirm an evolution towards an increasingly present peat.

unctuous, accomplished. The deliciously vanilla and liquorice attack is earthy, rooty (gentian), spicy (ginger), chocolatey, mineral (schist), gamy (bresaola) and camphoric. Saturated with smoke, the mid-palate is characterized by notes of agave and aromatic plants (lotus, samphire). In a grand finale, the spirit’s remarkable freshness comes to light and a handful of red fruits appear (strawberry, raspberry).

long, silky. The very saline start of the finish is also floral (iris butter). Peat gradually seeps into every taste bud. In parallel, it allows the taster to indulge in bourbon vanilla, chocolate, oriental spices (curry, ginseng) and black fruits (blackcurrant, bramble). The delicious retro-nasal olfaction releases notes of acacia honey and verbena. The empty glass once again highlights the style of a peated spirit that also reveals red fruit flavours (red currant, red currant).

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