BALVENIE 1892 (The) Classic Oldest Selection

Speyside Single Malt – 43%, 75cl

In the early 1980s, four bottlings of The Balvenie were released on the market, presented in a typical Cognac bottled stamped with a red wax insignia in its centre: one with no age statement and a rose on the insignia; one 12 year old; one 18 year old and the Classic 1892 with no age statement. All by themselves, these editions marked their era and, in the eyes of enthusiasts, became leading references for Balvenie, with their perfect balance of sherry and peat.

Colour: coppery amber.


round, soft, well-balanced. The first nose is an invitation to indulge. Full-bodied and generous, it develops notes of sweet shortcrust pastry, Mirabelle plum and plum tart, mixed with soft notes of toasted oak (vanilla, honey, beeswax, almond paste). Allowed to breathe, the fruit becomes more intense, clearly evo- king a cornucopia of autumnal aromas, with quince jelly, grape juice and apple purée. Citrus fruit (orange, lemon) and passion fruit bring vivacity and real freshness. Depth is brought by a small and intriguing empyreumatic note seconded by a note of wood or damp cellar. Sherry is magnificently present.

taut. An intense and furtive floral note immediately ap- pears, violet perhaps. It seems so, as immediately after the palate is coated in liquorice, zan liquorice sweets, charred oak and a very precise note of smoke. Passion fruit also makes a very brief appearance before making way for aromatic herbs (valerian, cat- nip) and harvest flavours. A light bitterness tinged with caramel and cinnamon moves through the palate, followed by oak and soft notes of drying malted barley.

mouth-watering. The finish is drawn out with empyreumatic notes of smoke and burnt rubber. Oak regains the upper hand and honey makes its mark. The spicy notes, including pepper, make a strong comeback. Such presence! An extraordinary Balvenie modelled on the period of its birth, the very early 1980s.

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