BALLECHIN 12 YO 2007 Jamaican Rum Cask Finish

Highland Single Malt – 59.6%, 70cl
Single Cask #904 – Jamaican Rum Cask Finish
Limited Edition of 258 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

In 2016, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, La Maison du Whisky selected two Ballechins finished in ex-rum casks from the legendary Caroni distillery, which closed in 2002. For our 2020 Creation Catalogue, we are offering the chance to discover a bottling finished in an ex-rum casks from the Jamaican distillery Worthy Park, which is following hot on the tails of its predecessors. It is a truly magnificent bottling, made up of two very different sequences. The first comprises the nose and palate, which see peat and sugar cane rival each other in intensity with profound intelligence. The second appears on the finish, which pays tribute to the remarkable Ballechin spirit.

Colour: lemon yellow.


rich, opulent. The very medicinal (ointment, camphor), syrupy (cane sugar), peaty and phenolic first nose is incredibly deep. Allowed to breathe, strong spices (black pepper, nutmeg, ginger), soot and whole blocks of oily, salty peat literally invade the taste buds. Gradually, lemon zest digs an acidic furrow through this thick earthy layer. Next, floral fragrances (lily, violet) punctuate an aromatic palette that is as wide as it is deep.

lively yet creamy. On the attack, the Worthy Park rum’s influence brings out notes of sugar cane, wildflower honey and exotic fruit (pineapple, banana). On the mid-palate, damp, salty peat takes the reins. Gradually, this develops a more medicinal (mustard poultice) and empyreumatic (tar, sleet) register. There is perfect balance between the barley’s vegetal flavours, the peat’s earthy flavours and the rum’s sweet flavours.

long, dense. The start of the finish reproduces all of the energy of the Ballechin spirit. Suffice it to say, right at this moment, peat gains the upper hand. It is sooty, then vegetal (mushroom), herbaceous (sage), rustic (dandelion), delicately chocolatey and medicinal (camphor). On the retro-nasal olfaction, a fine layer of ash covers the entire palate as a handful of fruits (Golden Delicious apple, Mirabelle plum) bring a certain richness. The empty glass acts in harmony with the medicinal, mineral, peaty and meaty (bacon) end of the palate.

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