AMRUT 6 YO Oloroso Sherry

Indian Single Malt – 60%, 70cl
Single Cask #4135 – Oloroso Sherry Cask
Limited Edition of 600 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

The Amrut distillery uses barley grown in the north of India, which is then malted in Jaipur and New Delhi. Climatic conditions in the area mean that the angel’s share can reach 12% annually, creating very concentrated aromas. Bottling is carried out without chill-filtration. Aged in oloroso sherry casks, this version is the third and final instalment in a
Colourful triptych dedicated to India’s most renowned single malts. With incredible freedom of expression and immense complexity, this Amrut’s palette of flavours and aromas is quite simply spellbinding.

Colour: coppery amber with glints of old gold.


rich, deep. On the first nose, notes of juicy orange, dark chocolate, nuts (hazelnut, peanut), apricot, verbena and cinnamon illustrate the complexity of the aromatic palette. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly heady (lily, carnation), powdery (cocoa) and spicy (garam masala). Rich (raisin loaf), it becomes increasingly exotic (mango, passion fruit). In the grand finale, red and black fruits (raspberry, strawberry, bramble, blueberry) bring a particularly refreshing touch.

unctuous, enchanting. The deliciously oxidative attack (candied apricot, cherry brandy) is characterized by notes of pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, turmeric, star anise and very ripe mango. It literally transcends the nose. With incredible smoothness, the mid-palate alternates between mint tea, strawberry jam, quince jelly and even mocha. The end of the palate’s fleshy texture adds an almost sensual dimension to the palette of aromas.

elegant, distinguished. As the finish begins, we are invited to enjoy both the juice of wild peaches and black grapes, and succulent roasted coffee notes. There is perfect osmosis between the sherry and malted barley. The impressive end of the palate returns to notes of tobacco, adding cut hay, date and fig. The retro-nasal olfaction draws us into a cabinet-maker’s workshop (noble wood, beeswax). The empty glass is spicy (saffron, cumin), praline and honeyed.

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