ABERLOUR 17 ans First Fill Sherry Hogshead

Speyside Single Malt – 57.3%, 70cl
Single Cask #2499 – First Fill Sherry Hogshead
Limited Edition of 280 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

To obtain its extremely fruity distillate, Aberlour’s second distillation last 7.5 hours. The heart of the run (new make) is then collected over two hours at between 73% and 63% ABV before being put into casks. Maturation of this bottling in a first-fill sherry hogshead is a real rarity – and only one in 10,000 casks are accorded this privilege. Tastings of this version are therefore an opportunity not to be passed up and it is worth really taking the time to appreciate a palette of flavours full of emotion and promise. Slainte.

Colour: mahogany.


rich, dense. 1st sequence: blood orange, candied apricot, red currant jam, marzipan, quince jelly, dark chocolate… 2nd sequence: Russian leather, nutmeg, spice bread, emery cloth, beeswax, cardamom, coriander… 3rd sequence: incense, pine resin, cough sweets, mango, persimmon and more candied orange…

deep, firm. After such a concentrated sequence of aromas, the attack on the palate takes the reins with ease. Lime blossom honey, dark chocolate, heady notes of Havana cigar, iris butter, cumin and candied apricot give the wonderfully fresh palette of flavours lots of grandeur. With a particularly delicate texture, the mid-palate invites us to bite into deliciously juicy wild peach. The end of the palate offers the taste buds fresh fig and date. Outstanding.

long, balanced. Leading on closely from the end of the palate, the start of the finish is characterized by notes of liquorice stick, honey and lime blossom. Sherry then releases a truly sublime note of rancio (blood orange, quince jelly). In an homage to fruit, the very end of the palate and the retro-nasal olfaction are then especially exotic (mango, guava, persimmon). The empty glass is camphoric, spicy (curry, ginger) and rich (slightly burnt apricot tart).

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