Artist Collective

The Artist Collective range is a kind of younger brother for the Artist Range. It is all about small batches single malts.


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Ardmore 9 Year Old 2009 – BAA-Annam, Brigitte Althapé

Brigitte Althapé is a painter and jewellery designer from Nantes. In each of her oil paintings she combines her passion for design and fashion with the shapes, reflections, colours and materials that inspire her from everyday life. She recreates, for example, sketches of silhouettes with abstraction, painted with palette knives, bringing a touch of lyricism. She uses the bumps on her supports, like canvas or flea market doors, to add relief to her work and bring it to life.

Aultmore 13 Year Old 2006 – Jardin (Garden), Charlotte Marchand

Charlotte Marchand is a French artist who depicts her passion for her surroundings in her paintings. She projects the every day and highlights a certain humanism with subtlety, lightness and tenderness. The contrasts and reliefs brought out through her choice of materials, colours and shapes recall the reality of the instability of the world she depicts and the emotions they evoke.

Benrinnes 22 Years Old 1996 – Intarsia, David Crunelle

David Crunelle is a multi-disciplinary artist from Belgium. Artistic director of a communications agency and professor of photography, visual communication and photography – his professional activities are many. It is this same diversity that the artist illustrates in his works, combining photography, graphic design and collage, mixing all types of plastic art.

Bunnahabhain 8 Year Old 2011 – Transcender (Transcend), Lucille Duchene

Pattern designer Lucille Duchene forged her graphic universe by always using the same process: she draws each of her contours by hand to maintain the authenticity of the lines, before using software to add colour, shading and texture. Her creative and thematic freedom enables her to create endlessly, on any support and for any type of product.

Caol Ila 9 Year Old 2009 – Explosion, Bernard Rouan

Photographer Bernard Rouan’s took a path in the opposite direction to many artists. He was first inspired by contemporary art, before observing nature in order to capture Earth’s natural art. In this way he invites his audience to immerse themselves in a deceptively imaginary world through the bias of framing, printing and the fusion of original colours that give his photography the feel of plastic art.

Glenlivet 12 Year Old 2007 – Petit chemin scintillant (Glittering little path), Ryo Yoshikawa

Ryo Yoshikawa is a Japanese artist born in 1971 in Mashiko. His paintings focus on light and ways it can be deconstructed. His works depict both ancestral Japanese tradition and more contemporary aspects. He exhibits primarily in Japan but also in Paris at the Nichido gallery.

Miltonduff 9 Year Old 2009 – Racine vert (Green root), Hélène Glowinski

Hélène Glowinski is a mutli-facetted French artist. She combines her passion for fictional landscapes, geographic patterns, illustrations, materials and typographies by reproducing them in posters, illustrations, stationary and games. All of these elements come together to create a unique universe that combines graphic design, aesthetics and didacticism.